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A Podium, Microphone & Talking Head…?
Not when Jon is emceeing an event and takes to stage as Your Conference or Event Emcee!

Call it what you will; Event Emcee, master of ceremonies, conference emcee or Live Event Personality. Engaging, relating to and interacting with business or association audiences isn’t easy. They’re typically sophisticated, jaded, and accustomed to high production values and flash. They bore quickly — victims of an entire career of long meetings.
When emceeing an event, your event emcee has to be energetic, engaging and entertaining immediately and consistently—exactly the brand promise Jon Petz has built with his “Bore No More!™” platform. Jon is an engagement expert and THE leading authority on engaging an audience with energy & entertainment in addition to relevant contentand insight that meets the design of your meeting.

Jon Petz -Inspirational Speaker 

Funny Corporate Magician 

Call 678-755-3110 to Book Jon ! 

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